TORCC Vision

Field an Operational to Tactical C2 System that is resilient, mobile and supports open architecture standards.


. A TORCC system fulfills requirements for theater C2 systems providing ground radar and datalink integration, data fusion and correlation, common operational picture (COP), situation awareness (SA), data link management, collaboration features, robust simulation system to train operators, radio system interfaces, and tactical control capability for joint and combined air forces.


The integrated TORCC system is built on an open architecture COTS platform with virtualized software comprised of well-established operational C2, data link, and simulation software components.


TORCC’s expandability and open architecture design propels its utility beyond the
tactical arena to the operational battle space by integrating theater level planning and mission monitoring capabilities not only for the Air Component but for joint All domain operations, Including space and cyber.


TORCC is an operational-to-tactical integrated C2 system solution that supports today’s open architecture standards, is functionally resilient with redundant operations and is easily transportable for tactical employment and survivability.


Battlespace Command & Control Center (BC3)

BC3 includes the Multi-Source Correlator
Tracker (MSCT) as the fusion engine
and the Tactical Display Framework (TDF)
for the C2 standard human-machine interface.


virtualized air defense system integrator (ADSI) and tacviewc2

The vADSI provides the TDL backbone, along with the TacViewC2 capability for additional situational awareness & display management.


Live Virtual, Constructive (LVC) Suite

The LVC software suite integrates three components:
Sonomarc radio interface provides for LVC communications connectivity.
Advanced Simulation Combat Operations Trainer (ASCOT) brings full spectrum training environments.
Video Audio Data After Action Review- Live, Virtual, and Constructive (VADAAR-LVC) provides a fully integrated & synchronized digital audio & video recording capability.

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